Basic RDN Services

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Assessments (Admission & Annual) with recommendations as indicated
  • Monthly or Quarterly High Risk Review (Enteral Nutrition, Dialysis) per facility protocol
  • Monthly Pressure Ulcer Reviews
  • MD & Weight Variance Consults
  • Review all weekly and monthly significant weight variances & attend IDT Weight Variance meetings as preferred by the facility.
  • Monthly audits of Food & Nutrition Services for sanitation, food service practices and compliance to Title 22 and CMS Regulations.
  • Inservice training for Food & Nutrition Services Staff & Nursing Staff as requested.
  • Recommend Menu Systems, Food & Nutrition Services Policy & Procedure & Diet Manuals: Our dietitians work with a variety of menu systems which allows customized preferences for each facility or company.
  • Monitoring for performance improvement opportunities
  • Review Policy & Procedure Manual for Updates & Approval
  • Review Diet Manual for Update & Approval


  • Track record established of passing compliance surveys without deficiencies.
  • Competitive pricing without additional expense for benefits associated with a regular employee status. What appears more initially saves in the long run!
  • Ongoing support to administrative staff through seamless availability of RDN professional staff to provide services for contracted facilities–i.e. Vacation, Medical Leave or Relief coverage. We handle the human resource aspect associated with the hiring of RDNs.
  • Experienced RDNs available as resources to consultants to ensure quality consultative services.
  • Personalized Services in your local area.


Our RDNs are trained in all nutrition-based fields! Let us know through our CONTACT form and we would be happy to assist you in any nutrition-based service you are looking for!